Carp syndicate - Woodpecker Lake

A unique opportunity to fish a relatively unknown water in Cambridgeshire with 26 known fish over 30lb, of which 9 are over 35lb and 4 over 40lb, the largest going over 42lb. Previously uncaught fish (since we purchased the lakes) are turning up each year, 2013 saw 8 fish previously uncaught fish including a 20lb Grass, 26lb Leather and 30lb mirror, with a further 4 caught in 2014 including two 30lb plus Commons. 2015 saw another new 30lb Common. The lake has been used for trout fishing for the previous 20 years and has had very little focus on carp. Existing Carp have simply grown in an unpressured environment feeding on the rich natural supply of snail, shrimps, mussel and nymphs. When we took over there was little recorded knowledge of the carp, their routines and ultimate size, so we made the decision to chip the fish as caught (similar to dog chips but smaller) which has provided a precise list of carp (those which have been caught, as there are still some which have avoided the hook). Initially there was a recorded stock of 71  Carp (Based on what has been caught) consisting of 56 Commons and 15 Mirrors. We immediately (2011) started a stocking program introducing 13 additional Mirrors to 27lb into the lake as well as creating a stock pond for future stockings. During 2012 we added a further 12 mirrors to 17lb,  in 2013 we added a 8 Mirrors to 29lb and in 2014 a further 5 to 23lb. To date several of the new stockings have passed the 30lb barier with the largest mirror going 42lb+, there are at least a further 3 fish which I estimate will break the 40lb barrier during 2015. As you can see the new fish are relatively young and have really taken to the lake, putting on weight quickly. Approximately 80% of all fish caught in 2014 have come out at their best weight with the larger ones putting on about 5lb a year, indicating a healthy environment and good fish growth, a great sign for the future. 2015 saw 18 35lb+ catches including 5 fish captures 40lb

Earith Lakes Fisheries was created in the 1960’s for the extraction of sand and Gravel. The site was sold in 1984 for the principle use of water sports however it was soon re-sold and developed as a Trout fishery. Trout fishing continues on site to this date; However Trout fishing has now ceased on the Woodpecker Lake in favour of Carp. The lake is approximately 15 acres, having a small island on the east side. As would be expected from a gravel pit there are many features to fish to including both clear and choddy bars, deep holes, silt, weed areas and a tree lined out of bounds bank. Lake features change from season to season with weed growth and decay keeping fish on the move and creating various hotspots throughout the year.

Swims are cut into large beds of Norfolk reed creating sanctuary and peaceful surrounding from which to fish. There is plenty of room around the lake with well tendered grass areas to ensure you have adequate room to comfortably setup and enjoy your fishing session. There is an abundance of wild life on the lakes and surrounding areas including deer, fox, badgers, king fisher’s, buzzards and all the usual waterfowl. The grounds are kept to a high standard for the pleasure of all.

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