Skeets Lake

Skeets lakes is an exclusive syndicate plesure lake (we no longer offer day tickets) for the experience angler who gains enjoyment from catching large Tench (7lb+) plus Bream and smaller Carp.

The lake is ¾ acre in size with depths varying from 4 ft to 7 ft. Skeets is intended to be a pleasure lake providing specimen fishing for Tench and Bream, it is not a commercial water and will continue to be managed as a traditional pleasure lake providing the opportunity to catch a variety of species in a picturesque environment.

Skeets lake was created in Feb 2012 by Andy Amory at local construction engineer and lifetime angler and is named in his memory. Three small silted ponds, totally overgrown with reeds and willows were fully drained, existing fish removed (a few stunted carp and pike), reeds dug out and banks landscaped. The reed lined lake is now surrounded by grass verges with purpose built swims, feature lilies and an island providing plenty of features to fish to.

Skeets fishing Rules

No keepnets

Minimum of 4lb line.

Maximum hook size 8, crushed or micro barbed only.

No nuts and Luncheon meat is restricted to a maximum of 400g per angler. 

1kg maximum of Groundbait per angler per day.

Landing nets to be of a suitable size and must be dry before use (small pan nets are not suitable)

Unhooking mats must be used.

No fishing over half way to the next angler

Under no circumstances must rods be left unattended. 

No dogs or visitors

Vehicles to be parked in the car park areas only

Earith Lakes Fisheries accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury, loss or damage to any property howsoever caused. All vehicles and equipment are left at their ownersrisk.


9lb Bream one of a 77lb bag!9lb Bream one of a 77lb bag!

10lb Carp10lb Carp

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