Old Trout lake


The lake has been run as a trout lake for the past 25 years with a small number of carp being left to their own devices over this time. Trout fishing has now stopped with the majority of trout being removed and approx. 70 carp introduced by Feb 2017 prior to opening. These fish weighed between 12 and 23lb to boosting the original stock, numbers of which are unknown. Fish are growing fast with several fish over 30lb being caught; the current lake record is an original common of over 37lb. A further 40 fish are planned to be introduced in early 2018


The Trout lake is a 12 acre gravel pit dug in 1960's for gravel and sand extraction. There 14 swims consisting of a mixture of natural grass verges and purpose built dugouts. Parking is located on one side of the lake providing very close access to a number of swims and easy access to the rest.





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